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Variation in (Second) Language Use and Development Across Retirement Age

Welcome to the VARIAGE research project

The linguists collaborating in the VARIAGE project aim to study educational and occupational transitions across the lifespan, emphasizing retirement as a socially determined and linguistically constructed concept shaped by changing cultural meanings and individuals’ lived experiences. In order to identify dis/continuity patterns in cognitive functioning and L1/L2 use and learning pre- and post-retirement, we bring together a range of perspectives regarding (1) original research agendas and (2) innovative methodological approaches, notably from the fields of second language acquisition, psycho-, socio-, and neurolinguistics.  We also focus on producing workable and replicable research designs in uncharted territories and identifying ways to operationalize alternatives to conventional research methodologies.


This project receives support from:


Ethical clearance for the project was obtained through the Ethics Committee of the University of Zürich (no. 23.05.07).

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