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Lukas Zbinden, M.A.

University of Zurich

Doctoral Researcher

Lukas Zbinden

Lukas Zbinden is a research and teaching assistant in English Linguistics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He holds a BA and an MA degree from the University of Zurich in both English and Spanish Language and Literature. He is also a qualified upper secondary school instructor of English and Spanish. Lukas wrote his MA dissertation on the levelling of past be in British, American, Canadian, and lingua franca English using a corpus-based approach. He has lived in Scotland and Chile, where he completed part of his BA degree. 


Lukas is currently doing his PhD on second language learning across retirement, focusing on (neuro-)cognitive factors. His thesis is part of the “VARIAGE” project, led and supervised by Prof. Dr. Simone E. Pfenninger. He is also teaching the compulsory BA module “Introduction to English Linguistics” offered by the English Department of the University of Zurich.


Lukas’ main research interests include bi- and multilingualism, language acquisition, the language-cognition interface, and neurolinguistics.

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